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Let's see what the wiki has to say about it: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set.

You can Set this card as a Normal Magic/Spell Card.

[EDIT: Something rather amusing about this article: Since it was originally published, the wiki's anime effect for this card has been corrected.

I guess I did a bit of good.] Hey, people who are mostly from Deviant Art who probably care less about the card game than about how awesome GDG's comic craft is! A long-standing gripe I have with the card game is that they monkey with effects for what often seems like no good reason. Meet high-class good reason, Theinen the Great Sphinx (link to a picture)!

ok i know virtually all his losses are pretty dodgey but they still count. Tell me where Jounouchi beat Yugi, if it's in the anime and not the manga than it's just filler trash. Yes, Yugi's LP went to zero, but the duel wasn't over, the effect of Death Meteor (the oppoent may have a monster attack) was still active, which might explain why the holograms did not disappear until after the Red-Eyes took Jounouchi's LP to zero. Originally, Jounouchi said he would take the Red-Eyes back when he bacame a "real duelist." He could have just proven himself as one to Yugi.

i believe yugis lost 5 these being yugi vs pegasus tape yugi vs kaiba yugi vs rebbeca yugi vs joey yugi vs raphael any i missed?? But we still cannot use this duel because we never see it take place fully, thus it's unknown if there even is a winner (could have been a tie for all we know).

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There she acquires her own deck, an unusual and ancient necklace that holds its own mysteries and mysterious powers of her own.

What happens when the unpredictable, caring Kai meets the cold Seto Kaiba. Sixteen year old Savannah Kaiba is the proud daughter of Seto and Samara.

Like her mother before her, Savannah wants to be the best duelist in Duel Academy.

Atem lost to Yugi so I guess I can accept that one too.

In my book the only real loss was against Kaiba and that was with some underhanded tactics.

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