Xmlvalidatingreader read

function to position the reader on a particular attribute by specifying either a name or a zero-based index. Element Validation Error(Xml Qualified Name name, Validation State context, Validation Event Handler event Handler, Object sender, String source Uri, Int32 line No, Int32 line Pos, Boolean get Particles)Note that if you have typed in the XML file using different formatting, you might get different line and character numbers.

and i'm guessing this is completely viable, since the Validating Reader has a constructor that specifically allows an XML node string as a parameter.

my code is now reporting Schema errors with the manual schema addition.

the severity is only warning, which i find interesting, but that is enough to confirm the validity of the doucment, and that's what i was shooting for.

thanks again, jason on last question about appropriate use of manual Schema addition: if you didn't control the source of the XML document, and could not be certain that it included the schema reference, would that be a good reason to add the Schema manually, to make certain it is validated using the schema?

Yes, if you want to make sure a certain schema or certain schemas are used for validation then you have to add them yourself.

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