Wpf dependency property binding not updating

The basic idea is that the underlying data remains unchanged until you commit all your changes at once if the dialog’s OK button is clicked.

The solution to prevent automatic updates of the binding source is to set the However, this feature comes with a catch: You’ll have to trigger updates on all your controls manually.

property in WPF is extremely handy, because it is automatically inherited by all children of the element where you assign it; therefore you don’t need to set it again on each element you want to bind.

Let’s illustrate with a simple example: we want to display a list of products in a System. Data Error: 2 : Cannot find governing Framework Element or Framework Content Element for target element.

As an example: The snipped below commits all bound .

Let's say you have a custom WPF control called Search Text Box. Simple enough, you reuse it in your application when you want to provide search.

Maybe this simple thing can help some beginners to get to the next level...

(and avoid from missunderstanding the Porperty Changed Callback)BR, Rolf Hi i am very new to WPF.

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