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Olivia Newton-John was born in Cambridge, England on September 26th 1948; her family moved to Australia when she was 5.Her mother was German, daughter of the physicist Max Born, her father was Welsh, a professor of German at Cambridge and Melbourne.The romance developed, and Lee was Olivia's boyfriend and manager for much of the rest of the decade.

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While holidaying in 1974 in the South of France, Olivia met Lee Kramer, who had a successful business import/export business.

In one interview she reports how she attempted to book her return flight without telling her mother, who had accompanied her to the UK.

Fortunately for Olivia's fans and her future career her mother was not having her daughter waste this opportunity to broaden her horizons and Olivia's plans were thwarted.

Her US audience had loved her for her soft and delicate delivery of ballads and country songs, and she treated them to a string of albums beautifully sung - Clearly Love, Come On Over, Don't Stop Believin, and Making a Good Thing Better.

Olivia toured the United States with the album Clearly Love.

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