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In these scenarios you should disable request validation for the smallest surface possible. NET Web Forms applications prior to v4.5, you will need to disable request validation at the page level.

Web Forms which resolves the multiple forms issue relaying on the well known ASP. Tests comparing loading techniques showed the Update Panel was as fast and resulted in the same or smaller page sizes than other techniques and basically loaded quicker or much more data as quick or quicker.I would really like use the j Query Validation plugin in my ASP. I find it easier than adding asp validators everywhere and setting the control to validate field on all of them.I am just having some issues both when setting the class like this class="required email" which I think has something to do with having a form tag within the main form tag. Yo can read about it here: For Share Point 2010 I found with loading different usercontrols as views (via ajax) that this worked if you move javascript into a library and can't use server tags for the control id's like this: e.g Further to this if you dynamically load a user control via Ajax then you cannot use $(document).ready You will have to encapsulate the j Query in a function library if its on the User Control at (server side event) page load its fine but in the scenario its loaded via Ajax with the Update Panel it will not dance.I want my webpage to validate user input on the client side. If you use validation group then on the submit button you have to set the validationgroup to a particular value. just adjusted your code little bit and it validates on the client side.

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