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The promotion system provides a process whereby Marines within each grade and Military Occupational Specialty/Occupation Field compete for promotion to the next grade.

The basic goal is to advance the best qualified Marines to higher grades.

Do you still have to go up to Battalion and update this information with the S-1?

Or is this something that can be done online now and have your information forwarded to the S-1 clerk that is associated with your UIC?

It is a set of three individual folders printed in a run-on sequence on microfiche and contains the information listed below: Service Folder Consists of contract information, discharge documents, general administrative and service documents used to compute service time for benefits, programs, or retirement.

The board will see your MBS and Marines should ensure that all PME also appears in the header data of the MBS.

Additionally, it is a good idea to send copies of certificates for 'Required PME' to the board.

This will serve as a good proof source just in case the source document from MCI or MCTFS are incorrect.

Ensuring your record is current and complete is your responsibility and not anyone else's.

"If a selection board determines that a Marine's case is incomplete, but sufficient information is available to make a valid recommendation, the Marine will be considered for selection.

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