Updating user policies please wait

I notice sometimes the error can have an issue right at the end.If it mysql updates, it can be fixed with an extra step, if it is files then most likely you will need to restore from backup.Visit Stack Exchange I have a group policy that looks in C:\background\default for the lock screen.

Sometimes we have issues with updates, this is my findings and ways I have gotten around it, though it may not work in all cases.

However, when I changed the picture it is not updating. The lock screen policy now only works in Enterprise or Education SKUs.

https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/itpro/windows/manage/group-policies-for-enterprise-and-education-editions My guess is because this is a computer setting and isn't applied at logon/logoff of the user but at computer startup or at the GP refresh interval.

In this case, the device gets the policy or profile on its next scheduled check-in with the Intune service, which is estimated at: At any time, users can open the Company Portal app, and sync the device to immediately check for policy or profile updates.

For devices without user affinity, the sync frequency immediately following enrollment can vary from hours to a day, or more.

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