Updating calendar with birthdays

I was so happy to find a solution, I decided to share both the problem and the solution. I talked to 4 different representatives and senior advisors. They first pointed that it was a Google account issue. It was a widespread software issue because many people complain about it through the years. Context: I have over 7000 contacts, because of prior contact syncing with Facebook (which was once integrated in i OS) and other apps they are mostly all filled with birthdays (sometimes of people I can t even remember). But I knew it would not help and I knew it was not because those same birthdays were not showing at all in the Google calendar i OS app (with or without birthdays selected). Apple asked me to bring the watch to a store to check it. Sometimes it is worth because notifications will be pushed and sometimes it will show also on your Mac calendar and i Phone calendar by force even if you don t want. I just had the confirmation that actually birthdays calendar is actually built from the contacts app birthday entries. But…When i open the watch app the birthdays were still there and on my i Phone, if I checked the birthday calendar: they were still there even for contacts with no birthday entries since my Contacts synced via i Cloud with my Phone contacts. If you have Busy Contacts installed but are not using it or it is expired, you will need to drag the Busy Contacts app to the trash.Then Busy Cal will pull birthdays from Apple Contacts instead.If that doesn't solve it, please toggle these checkbox settings in Busy Cal Preferences to see if that solves it: If that doesn't work, then it might be due to the fact that Busy Cal requires access to Contacts for displaying the Birthdays calendar and processing meeting invitations.The first time you launch Busy Cal you should be presented with a dialog asking if you want to grant Busy Cal permission to access your contacts. To fix this, open System Preferences Security & Privacy, select Contacts in the left sidebar, then check Busy

In OS X Contacts, click on the "All on My Mac" header in the Contacts sidebar, then delete any contacts under that list that are also listed under All i Cloud.

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: this is a power user post and probably a little geek. Final words Clearly there is something wrong in the world of i Cloud sync.

But the problem has been driving me nuts for years and no one could help me, even Apple. Remove mirroring Calendar from Apple Watch and chose Custom instead I contacted Apple Support via the i Phone support App. I had to go Terminator on it in order to fix the problem.

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