Trend micro not updating windows 7

" So I click yes and both times it is the same story as above. It is wasting valuable hard drive space and your comments will be appreciated The diagnostic toolkit isn't working either, sadly.

It opens but when I click uninstall, it skips past the uninstall process and straight away asks me if I want to restart my computer or not, which is apparently not how it is supposed to work on this link = I found to be one of the more popular solutions on your link.

I have a Trend Micro Office scan server at my network but not all clients able to update directly from Trend Micro Server last week.

Now i have 24 clients computers ,mostly windows 7 64 are not updated ,shows Trend Micro web admin page. Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices?

If it did contain any problem values that doesn't matter because; a) that key has not been loaded from the last reboot, and/or b) the software isn't running anyway. As to your latest question, yes, you can simply delete the folders and hunt down any registry keys, but why not just try this?

It seems so much more comprehensive using the software's own uninstall procedure, and you never know what remnants will be left behind with manual deletions.

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This likely removes any problem values in that key that is preventing you from uninstalling the Trend Micro software.

Item 7 - however, on the reboot, the OS finds that Trend Micro software is installed and re-creates the Trend Micro key, probably with blank or default values. Item 8 - By renaming the previously renamed key back to Trend Micro, when you uninstall it, the uninstall process will search for the key and delete it properly.

I'd rather only enter safe mode as a last resort as my netbook doesn't take on board the fact that people are pressing keys when it is starting up and you end up having to do unnecessary hard shutdowns just to make it enter safe mode. I The guide I found that uses CMD and the registry on your link.

I'm sure it's great, but I don't understand it.1) Run cmd (Right-click on "Run as administrator") and then type: net use adminstrator activate:yes2) Run and task manager and stop all posible services/processes from Trend Micro, exit without restart3) Run and RENAME the key HKLM/Software/Trend Micro to some other name, "TM" for example4) Restart5) same as 1: Run cmd (Right-click on "Run as administrator") and then type: net use adminstrator activate:yes6) Run 7) delete HKLM/Software/Trend Micro key Then rename "TM" key back to "Trend Micro"9) Go to Control Panel, select "Programs & Features", select "Trend Micro" and Run Uninstall from there. As I understand it, any changes made to the registry don't take effect until after a reboot, (restart).

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