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She is best known for her leading roles such as in the psychological action-thriller, ‘.

When it comes to Lily Collins’ professional life, she is no doubt a major success –which is the reason as to why she is viewed as a source of inspiration to many, especially among her lady fans. Read on to know more interesting details in regard to this iconic personality, including details on her early life, dating life, net worth, and much more.

In regard to her siblings, Lily Collins is the half-sister of Simon Collins (musician), and Joey Collins (actress), from her father’s first marriage.

She was only aged 2 when she debuted her acting career.

stars Daniel Wakeford and Lily Taylor, who have recently got engaged.

The pair met on last year's Christmas special of the popular documentary dating series, when the previously unlucky in love autistic singer/songwriter Daniel was matched up with Lily, who has learning difficulties.

In her teens, she would go ahead to pursue her writing passion, writing several columns for multiple high-profile magazines.

Through her modeling career, Lily made her presence quite unmistakable –thanks to her rather gorgeous body and face. The film which premiered on January 26th has been a hit, repeatedly placing Collins in the spotlight.

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