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That, and the narrow roads and sharp, unexpected turns and turn-offs that could fool even the best driver, and Johnny was still the best, at least here where he knew every twist and turn. Jes' think cool thoughts, Minou, we be at Lubin's place afore long, he got real icy aircon there, even got backup generator jes' fo' th' aircon fo' when they get browned-out." Justine slumped back in her seat, wriggling her shoulders uncomfortably at the feel of her sweat-damp T-shirt clammy and sticky against her back, but still managing to grin at her Johnny-Bear's exaggerated, bayou-boy accent.

"Just make it soon, please, otherwise you're gonna have to scrape me off this seat with a squeegee!

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She looked inquiringly at Johnny, but he seemed oblivious, his brow wrinkled in concentration as the Blazer bucked and bounced along the uneven surface. " she hissed, memories of the three armed men in New Iberia crowding in on her, but Johnny merely nodded.

"Likely so, Minou; this ain't no private road or nuthin'; prolly local folks, an' nuthin' to do with us, mos' likely 'shiners; pay no mind to them an' they do likewise; lotsa folks down thisaway got trucks an' this a useful way to 'void the ATF." Justine fretted nervously anyway; after almost running into the people looking for them she was understandably jumpy, so kept an eye behind them, hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever was back there.

The flash was enough to confirm that there really was someone behind them, and trying hard to catch up.

She looked worriedly at Johnny, but he still seemed completely unconcerned.

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It’s Fun to be Naughty Sometimes which gives Happiness & Joy!The more she listened, the more certain she was that there was another truck coming up behind them, and not making any attempt at concealment, either; whoever it was, they were gunning the motor, almost like they were trying to catch up.As she strained to see anything in the light flickering between the trees, suddenly there it was: a flash of dark orange, no more than a glimpse, but it was out of place against the lush greenery and vivid pink slashes of the bunched honeysuckle blossoms.My thanks once again to my editor and mentor Grand Teton for his patience and calm determination to teach me the error of my ways; that this story still makes sense at all is due mainly to him and his own highly developed narrative skills.All characters portrayed herein are over 18 years of age.

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