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For more information please view the Prepar3D v4 Download and Installation Directions.

The newly posted Prepar3D v4.5 ( Full Download on the Purchased Downloads page includes the Hotfix.

First download and install FWTools, an open-source GIS tool made by Frank Warmerdam.

Using the USGS National Map (recommended for geospatial data within the US), requires downloading the following items.

Following this, a third-party tool will reproject and reformat the file into the proper coordinate system that Prepar3D uses.

Using geospatial data from other sources may also require these items as they’re used for various file conversions.

Download and extract the USGS_Raster_Conversion_file from here, which are geospatial file conversion scripts.

However, it may be desired to use satellite imagery in specific scenarios.

To address this, not only does Prepar3D have 40 (and counting) high-detail cities around the world, but also has SDK tools letting users choose which areas they want to replace with custom imagery.

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