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Scott started dating Sam after breaking up with his boyfriend, Brad Harris. Mills is currently residing at London whereas Vaughan at Cardiff, however, the distance didn’t hinder their affection towards each other.

The couple seems to grow more into one another despite being miles away.

He frequently ends telephone conversations with listeners with "love you, bye" in which many listeners reciprocate with the same response.

On 2 April 2012 he moved to the afternoon slot on BBC Radio 1.

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On , a musical based on Mills' life was announced, to be performed at the Edinburgh Festival 2009.

The musical ran for three nights between 11 and 13 August at the Pleasance One Theatre in Edinburgh.

Mills won, alongside Stark, the first episode of the two-episode Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars (2016) with their robot Arena Cleaner, which was a collaboration with Dave Moulds, who drove Carbide, second place in the preceding series.

This was broadcast over the Christmas and New Year period 2016.

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