Protecting your identity online dating

When online dating moves to a face-to-face meeting, you have to be sure that the person you are talking to or meeting is who they say they are.Digital identity apps which let you swap verified details with other people are a sure-fire way to be confident about who you’re meeting.There are simple precautions one can take to protect data and reduce the risk of identity theft.While registering on social networking and dating websites, consider how much information you are sharing for public view.In today’s cyber world, hackers stealing our identity can malign our reputation, create fraudulent accounts and affect our social relationships online and offline.So, how can we protect our digital identities from hacks and thefts?Ideally a password manager would be secured with an individual’s biometrics and not a master password - as this password could become compromised.

Ideally, individuals should not rely on passwords to secure their accounts, as they can easily be hacked and fall into the wrong hands.

Some job sites allow you to limit the number of resume and profile views or hide information such as current employer and contact details.

Do not share your phone number, home address or other sensitive information unless asked for it by verified sources.

Employers could ask candidates to share their verified information using a digital identity.

This gives the employer confidence that the individual’s information, such as their name and nationality, is genuine and accurate, and in turn, the individual gets a receipt of who they have shared their details with.

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