Postdating check illegal

Writing a check knowing the funds are not available in your account is illegal. Public a check post dated for next month for 4 to cover the tires you just bought.

Moreover, depending on the size of your check, you could be guilty of a misdemeanor or FELONY. John agrees to hold the check until you get paid on the 1st.

Writing a post-date check is perfectly legal anywhere in the world. A check can be submitted for encashing only on or after the date mentioned on the check has reached. A post script is any text written below the signature on a…

Though it is illegal in some states to request someone to write you a (or many) post dated checks to guarantee payment. How to Write a Blog Post, Step 1: Planning Choose a Topic That Interests YOU Write an Outline For Your Post Do Your Research Check Your Facts How to Write a Blog Post, Step 2: Headlines How to Write a… Just as PS stands for "Post Script", PPS stands for "Post Post Script", PPPS would stand for "Post Post Post Script" etc.

Fraud of any type requires a misrepresentation that the victim relied upon.

You did not misrepresent anything, because you truthfully told the tech support contractor that funds were not immediately available but would be on the date that you post-dated the check.

Now, I learn that he immediately tried to cash the check and it was refused by the bank! But, in general, it is not a crime to post-date a check.

It doesn't matter what you and John agreed to, you broke GA law, not John's law. Recently, at the request of my tech support contractor, I renewed my service contract with him. You did not commit a crime and you probably did not violate the law.I asked that he not cash the check for a week because I would not have enough funds in the account until that time. He said okay and dashed off to his next appointment. Check fraud laws vary somewhat from state-to-state.There are many considerations that go into which state to retire in, and the taxes on your pension should be one of them.Taxes can be burdensome for those who plan to live on all or a substantial amount of their pension, and there are 11 states that won't tax a public or qualified private pension.

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