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It was, however, difficult to establish the quantity of diamonds extracted during the phase in question.

Key words: Socio-economic, Chiadzwa, Diamond mining, Transformation, Informal Introduction A mineral rush began in September 2006 to the Marange diamond fields in the Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe and accelerated following the government takeover in December of the same year.

The findings were that the lives of the people of Chiadzwa were to a large extent improved in the informal phase of mining.The research set out to document the changes noticeable in the way of life of the people of Chiadzwa and its hinterland.In tracing and recording the socio-economic activities around Chiadzwa, the study used interviews, observations, focus group discussions and questionnaires.On November 5, 2009, however, the Kimberly Process conducted its annual meeting in Namibia and decided against the suspension of Zimbabwe.Instead it recommended and then implemented with the compliance of the Zimbabwe government a twelve months work plan to monitor diamonds mined from the Marange field.

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