Pam hurn dating dating in europa

Whatever floats your boat but if you are looking for the long run (aka not just casual dating but hoping it settles into something more), then do be sure that there is more to you dating her than her looks because like it or not, looks will fade.[IMG] ... ctures.jpg[/IMG] I've dated a few years younger than me and its the different "stages" of life that really bugs me. Emily Sandberg --------------- 24 Years Hugh Hefner . Melania Knauss --------------- 25 Years Humphrey Bogart . Jill Vanden Berg --------------- 46 Years Richard Roden .

Ekaterina Ivanova (He 61, "Rolling Stones" rock star. Sunny Ozell --------------- 38 Years Rupert Murdoch . She: 18 when first met.) --------------- 40 Years Charles Bronson . Marla Maples --------------- 18 Years Fabian Forte . Zoe Buckman --------------- 20 Years Prince Albert II of Monaco .

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