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There is a constant battle being fought between resistance (which lives in our ego) and our allies (which live in our self).

The ego likes things just the way they are, whereas the self is desperate to create and progress.

As creative people working in any discipline know (whether you’re a writer, a visual artist, a designer, a dancer or, like me, an actor) the road between doing what you love purely because you love it and doing it for money can be long and filled with dead-ends, u-turns and re-routes.

We tend to narrowly define ‘being a professional’ as being able to make a living at our craft.

Waiting to absolutely master an ultra-specific skill before using it, postponing the release of a piece of work until it’s flawless, or not putting up a website of your art until you have a body of work you deem to be the best you will ever produce are all forms of perfectionism. Again, it may sound brutal, but could it be that you are jealous of those artists who are living fully as their authentic selves? Where a piece of work fell short, they work harder. Professionals act in spite of their fear, which is constant and tireless.

These people probably have as much self-doubt as you, but instead of sitting around bitching about how unfair life is, they get on with the work. Just as resistance works to keep us from evolving into the artist we were born to be, equal and opposite forces are also at work; these are our allies.

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If you have the proper knowledge, you would not have to settle for anything less than an original.A victim mind-set can be extremely productive, but only at coming up with more and more elaborate excuses.Blaming the conditions of your life now or in the past for your lack of commitment is a form of resistance; it’s the antithesis of getting to work. She stays on the job all day and the stakes are high; the professional needs to work. This is something that I’ve always struggled with and feel presents a real challenge to artists of any kind; at drama school we were taught that we were our product, so criticism always felt personal.Putting yourself in competition with others and seeking to elevate your station by advancing against those above and defending against those below is the work of the ego.It is unhealthy and undesirable, and may well lead to madness!

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