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The Longest Lemonade Stand record attempt includes an age-appropriate curriculum specifically designed to use the lemonade stand concept to teach kids basic business principles.The students have already sold nearly 300 individual stand “kits” to families representing 16 area public, private and parochial schools.The reason for that, I think, is that professionals with accounting backgrounds have options. Unlike our friends […]The ongoing bickering over FRF for SMEs — which went Defcon 4 the other day with a strongly worded press release from NASBA — has just gone nuclear.I come from a single parent household so I don't know what it's like to live in a home with parents who are on the brink of divorce […]On Tuesday we discussed the AICPA's effort to offer a new OCBOA for small businesses, making special note of the Financial Accounting Foundation's slightly irritated response. issuing the new Financial Reporting Framework (FRF) for SMEs, they wanted to remind everyone that FRF was most certainly not […]Yesterday we discussed Ignite Restaurant Group, an emerging growth company ("EGC") under the JOBS Act, and their battles with financial reporting.Fast-forward to 2008, when Justice joined a peer group for Christian business owners.“They would ask me questions about my numbers, and I didn’t know how to answer them,” he said.Here’s Grover in his letter to Senators Mike Crapo (R-WY) and John Kerry (D-MA), the sponsors of the bill: The BEER Act would reduce from to .50 the tax paid per barrel on the first 60,000 barrels produced by small brewers.This is estimated to generate .9 million in capital for small beer producers, an enormous resource to promote job growth in the craft brewing industry.

Hot off the wire: Jot will provide Ink from Chase customers a variety of mobile benefits, including the ability to:— Receive text alerts within seconds of making a purchase with their Ink card;— Immediately tag these purchases to custom categories on a mobile device or online;— Enable employees to tag their business expenses;— Immediately view all transactions on their account, including those of their employees, through their mobile device or online;— Adjust employees’ card spending limits in real-time via a mobile device; and— Create and download reports into accounting software, including Quick Books(R) and Excel(R).“Small business owners are innovative, passionate and hardworking, and Chase’s dedication to partnering with these business owners comes from the belief that this group of entrepreneurs is an integral part of the American economy,” said Richard Quigley, president of Ink from Chase.

Today we were introduced to another EGC, this time the company is We who filed its Form S-1 with the SEC earlier this month.

We Rvalue isn't quite as far along in the "emerging" process […]SEC Chief Accountant James Kroeker is "hopeful" that the SEC can figure something out re: IFRS in the coming months but if you're a controller/CFO type at a small company who thought that this wasn't going to be your problem, Jim has news for you: He downplayed the notion of smaller firms being able to […]Ernst & Young LLP, a global professional services firm, will be the Presenting Sponsor of a Guinness World Records attempt by local area elementary school students to make history with the “Longest Lemonade Stand.”The record-setting attempt will be made Saturday, August 20, National Lemonade Day, in Beverly Park in Beverly Hills, Michigan, with proceeds going to support local school initiatives.

What the NYT does not have the balls to suggest is that small business owners should stop saying “I hate accounting” because they think it’s still cute and go out and take an introductory accounting class or two.

No one expects business owners to be able to pull analytics out of their asses but it can’t hurt to maybe at least understand that you want liabilities to be less than assets to stay alive.

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