Online dating for cannabis smokers

In conclusion, if you’re a regular smoker or open to drugs in general, it probably means you have a sexier sex life.Additionally, it appears that being accepting of smokers makes you more open to dating someone who is bisexual — perhaps that’s because smoking weed is highly associated with religion. The first indicator that there’s a link between being religious and not smoking weed can be found in a person’s profile.

For example, the site’s mobile and desktop sites remain two separate entities.Another potential downside is that you’re only allowed to choose your preference of men or women—not both.So if you’re pretty fluid, genderwise, on who you’re willing to date, you might be out of luck.There’s also a link between being open to weed and being open to bisexuality.Daters who think any drugs are a deal breaker are less willing to date a bisexual person (47% no, 35% yes, 18% skipped), but any openness to dating a drug user flips “yes” to the majority response (81%).

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