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Its webpage states, “Life is short, you are busy and people are having fun without you right now.So start Skouting and find your party, anytime, anywhere.” The site has also been billed as an online flirting site.

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This April, Skout received its first round of outside funding, receiving a reported million in venture capital.Under our zero-tolerance policy, we immediately ban users for inappropriate or suspicious behavior.Also, unlike many location-based apps, Skout provides general rather than specific location information, empowering each community member to decide if, when and where to meet in person.” But at the end of the day, Skout reasoned, “[I]t’s become clear to us that these measures aren’t enough.And more generally, a site focused on animated games for young users—is not the place where users will stray into discussions of sexual or romantic activity.But what about the dangers of other sites, which target teens and are designed with flirting in mind? Net, which bills itself as a teen dating site and a “place to make friends.” The site’s front page offers chat rooms for teens and shows photos of people who appear to be teens, and the site has a feature that allows users to rate which person, of two whose photos are shown, is better-looking.

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