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(If you've read my incomplete story, Genesis, you know that I'm guilty as charged of this.) E.

Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series 4439069.

For each race/culture you have, restrict the generated names to a specific origin (or two closely related ones) so that related people have names which reflect that. (Which is the name of Thor's bear) Perhaps you can look through old Nordic names, or other cultures depending on what you want the names to sound like.

For example, maybe you can give all your cat-people names which sound Finnish/Swedish while the shadow elves have names that sound Chinese. As another example, the Icelandic name Kristjana may be altered into Krissiana. In two minutes, I suddenly have a blacksmith called Haskell, rather than spending 20 minutes staring at a wall trying to come up with a name.

Extra hilarity for readers who speak that language and can "get it". Unless that's your running joke.2) Names fit best in their setting. A race is often called by an internal name, or by what others think of them. Then for everything else you just have to keep what Knave said in mind: i'm in a dire need of names, i just can't think of any good ones, so is there any way for people to suggest good names and how do you think them up.

I've had some rulers who I've named tyrant, thrown it into Google Translate, and got a new name back. I would agonize over them for hours and then I realized a few important things.1) A name isn't everything. If Ugroth, son of Balhatun of the Fashgar kingdom..your barista *ahem* either you are writing a hell of a mashup or something is out of place.3) Google baby names. They might be the "Alactria of the Emerald Forest" to themselves and be "Those damned tree folk" to everyone else.5) When in a pinch, I often used to roll sounds and syllables like they were numbers on a combination lock. it could be anything as long as it looks good cos i need a lot of names for races and stuff. Just bastardize it or mash it up as others have said.

This is a spoofed phone number used by GC Services, a collection agency located at Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, Texas - Refuse to verify your name, demand they tell you who they are, their address, verbally give them a cease and desist order not to call your phone number again, and then send them a cease and desist letter I received a voice mail message from the "Educational Consultation Line"- For some reason I have gotten a lot of calls this week with offers to go back to school- I am on the do not call list, so folks, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONEThus number has just taken - out of my account and I have had no dealing with them Thanks to these guys i'm over my overdraft limit and as an unemployed student I can't afford bank charges of £ I can't believe ppl think they can do this didn't even call just STOLE money out an account which had £- I'm surprised my bank allowed it I received a text message from this number- "Mr Alan Gardner" from "the firm " the firm 'Verizon Wireless' " and that he had viewed my resume on Internships-Com- He said I had been enlisted and scheduled for an interview for several positions- If he had really looked at my resume he would have seen that I don't do any of the positions he was "interviewing" me for- I've had several of these types of messages in the past and they are always scams- Be careful I too fell for the fantastic motorcycle on Craigslist for about % of likely actual retail- I bit and told the Seller I was interested, and when I didn't immediately reply to the fake e Bay invoice I got a call from this Bayonne NJ phone number- The woman on the line told me that the bike was housed by e Bay and unavailable for me to inspect- I told her I'd pay cash today or tomorrow if I could inspect, she declined and told me it's be easier to use escrow (-day process)- NOTE: e Bay doesn't do storage- This is certainly a scam, with many holes in the story- Beware I received a call from this number- No message left- This number appears to be forwarding their calls to a Google Voice number- The generic google voice message plays which makes me think that whoever is calling doesn't want you to know who they are- It's probably not a legitamate call Several calls from this number in recent weeks- Normally, it's dead silence, but yesterday's call was different- Lots of background noise- Caller was speaking Arabic- Caller appeared to be unaware of the call and was engaged in another conversation (which was too garbled to easily analyze)- If this number is supposed to be for Vonage's internal use, then they clearly have a problem: either they've got a serious security breach or they have unscrupulous employees abusing their systems from the insidethis man or men still at it- Why isn't FBI trying to do something about it?

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Go ahead and make acronyms paralleling that and use the names already used. it could be anything as long as it looks good cos i need alot of names for races and stuff.

The better news is, I was planning to get a new phone anyway next week and everything will be different- Instead of being upset about it, I'm looking at the brighter side- So, now only a selected few will have my number, and all the negativity of the dependant psycho ex will no longer exist (I did wrant a little) :-)- Good luck everyone In Aug- I changed carriers and received my current phone number (should have kept my old one)- The old holder of this number had run up some debt- Many creditors have called asking for her- All but one has stopped calling once I told them I am not her, & that company was Accounts Receivable Management- When they first started calling I explained, as I have to others, I don't know the woman in question & I had recently received this number & to please take me off their call list- This number continues to call me repeatedly at all hours either hanging up or asking for a Janet Provisi and today for a new first name Torivo Provisi, neither of whom are at this number nor do I know- My new Panasonic Dect - phone has call block which allows me to store there number and block it which still lets these idiots to call once and then after the first ring it hangs up on them- I'm considering changing my number or dropping my land line, though Zeke's solution above seems good too, just would take too long to be practical Received a call from this number, (), the young lady on the other end of the phone said that she was from a credit collection agency called "CRS" in Georgia (Ms- Meyers at x) and that her company had been contracted by a team of attorneys for Quick Cash Advance to get repayment for an "unpaid loan"- I informed her that I didnot recall any such loan and requested that they send me documentation to prove that it was me who took out the loan- After she gave me my date of birth, place of residence, and last four of my S-S-#, she stated that she could not give me any documents because "the attempts had already been made" and it was "past that phase-" She offered to let me speak to another dept "to dispute" the matter, I declined- She stated that I would be subject to having law enforcement officers come to my home or place of employment and civil as well as criminal charges would be brought against me- IT IS A SCAM Legal action is sent via CERTIFIED MAIL OR DELIVERY BY A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE COURT, NEVER A PHONE CALL I WISH I HAD NEVER TAKEN OUT A PAYDAY LOAN While it did help in my time of need, I had no idea the can of snakes that I was opening up I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAINWho is calling : p-m on Saturday afternoon?

Definetely, it is not regular and normal business call- It is disturb people life style and it is shameful to those people calling from- I have caller ID box setup at home, so I do not answer the caller and just let answer machine pickup the message- Ans it turned out no message left- I think it is very serioue crime is spread over the area or anywhere in the country- It should be federal crime investigation case to be followed up After receiving phone calls for MONTHS from this number with no voice messages I finally answered it today- The caller who identified herself with two completely different names was asking questions about a relative of mine- She had his name very slightly wrong so I was immediately suspicious and asked her what company she was with- She claimed she was with an 'investment' firm and was checking my relatives "References"- I did not believe her so I called my relative and he told me it was a % scam- BEWAREThis number will not stop calling my house- It is a pre-recorded number in spanish- I had a friend of mine translate it for me and they are looking for a person who I don't know- They refuse to believe this person does not live here and they are very rude- They are a company called Pentagroup financial or something similar- They are debt collectors I also recieved this call many of times asking me if I was a Penelec customer He was not rude to me but something is just not right about this person He tried to get me to get my bill so he could refund me my money on my bill- When I ask him to call back later to talk to my husband he said this was a one time offer This is from an India-based job-trolling-sweatshop, trying to interest me in a tech job with their "client"- A guy named "Jack Dawson" emailed me and later called from this number, leaving a heavily Indian-accented message- Jack, yeah, sure- The company doing the calling is:www-catamerica-com I followed up on this with Verizon Wireless- They said there's nothing they can do about it- These people are actually called "One Touch"- The One Touch people say they represent Verizon- I told them to STOP calling, take me off their phone list because I am the DO NOT CALL list- I also filed a complaint with the Do Not Call list website- Let's see if they listen Someone called my parents from this number on and said they were with Social Security and made an appointment to come out to their house to discuss their new benefits the next day- After talking with the SSA they said Public Affairs Specialists do make house calls but for those bedridden- I'll be waitingr-premiumreward-net is solely responsible for all reward fulfillment- In order to receive your reward you must: () Meet the eligibility requirements () complete the survey () complete a total of Reward Offers as stated in the Terms & Conditions () not cancel your participation in more than a total of Reward Offers within days of any Reward Offer Sign-Up Date as outlined in the Terms & Conditions (the Cancellation Limit) and () follow the redemption instructions- Copyright © r-premiumreward-net All rights reserved- Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy This number has been calling my place of work for about a month now- Its the same guy (i think) tring to get all the personal information out of me as he can- my phone number, my day off, even my social securtiy number- I would really like him to never call me again Best Buy SCAM ALERTText message from , You've WON the Best Buy Gift Card- Use promo code (blahblah) at (bit-ly(url) Clicking that url led to bestbuyawards(dot)in Wesite showed best buy logos with a clock timer winding down quickly with a little over minutes to enter promo code-This is a phishing attempt and a scam- DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATIONSantacruz Painting Quincy, FL () - A Professional Touch by Carlos Santacruz- We speak- English and Spanish- For all Quincy, FL and region we are offering remodeling services, painting(interior and exterior), construction services - for more give us a call- Construction Company, Kitchen Remodeler, Bathroom Remodeler, Remodeling, Remodeling Service santacruzpaintingfl-com"It's True We are giving away i Pad's to the first mobile users that go to cellrewardsnow-com enter code to qualify- Optout at celloptout -com"Came via text to me, I've signed up with my phone number on the donotcall-gov website but still got this- What is this and how should I handle it? Always seem to pick celebrity names - now Anthony Boudain?

Then you should be washing your number list through the DNC daily before you crank up your telemarketing software- We telephone users should not be burdened with having to play catcher to every telemarketing firm that says "Oops, we goofed- But you have to tell us that we goofed, so the ball is in your court-" This isn't rocket science, It is foreign people stating that they have your SS# and it has been turned in for collection on some debt that you owe- They stress that it is very urgent that you return the call so you can take care of the debtgetting these calls from , - times a day- tried answering, they hung up- tried calling back, no answer- tried using the do not call option, they keep calling- really, really annoying and disruptive- Stop Them I got a call with the exact same message- I was told to call back (a different number) by pm with payment-He left a call back number to a law firm and gave several names, and he had the same very heavy Indian accentstopped by our offices to give us a quote on a new roof- they just showed up on their own, we didn't call them- The salesperson spoke very little English and was poorly dressed- no business card, no references either- I called the police on them October , : Since others have been helpful in leaving information (very helpful) - thought I'd share this time- Usually I don't answer "unknown" numbers, but did this time- The caller was a woman (number from Teaneck, NJ area), she was pleasant, called to tell me that I'd never signed up for extended car warranty (not true - they don't have their facts straight) but didn't identify what company she was calling from - at which point I told her that I was fine but no thank you- She gave a little giggle, said have a nice day, and the call ended I am in Ontario- The guy said I had won a free trip to Disney World, and wanted to confirm the information they have on file- It's unsettling to know they have so much info about you-I told the guy it was a scam, that I didn't fill out anything and hung up on him Called to ask me if I had a security clearance- Said his name was Michael Thomson but had a Jamaican accent- I replied that I did, but I should have asked for which country In any event, he stumbled about for a bit, said thank you and hung up- I called back and he had caller ID because he knew who it was- He said he worked for Security Clearance and when I told him I had security clearance, he said that was all he needed to know, and hung up again-WTF????

Thank you for providing the number- But I got a recording " We are closed now- Please call during normal business hours" Grr- if they just called me- doesn't that mean the business is open and operating?

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