My dad is dating a gold digger Stripper web cam paypal

In reality, without money, there would be no relationship.

Just because a gold digger is financially secure, doesn't mean they won't expect money from you.

If you have fallen in love with a gold digger you will have two options for this situation. You'll have a lot more money and a lot less stress in your life. She is 20 and has been with many guys, she was with two guys earlier this year and recently told me about his man. She made intimate advancements towards him and is asking him to chose between her and his girlfriend. Her actions made me re-evaluate our friendship and I chose not to associate with a person with immoral values. A gold-digger is someone who goes into a relationship with a man or woman solely for financial gain.

Also by leaving her you have the opportunity to have a healthy relationship, that's based on love and not money. If she makes excessive or untoward advancements of manipulating this guy to give her what she wants (shopping, travel, or cash) then she could be a gold-digger.

Understand that lending money should be something rare or only when needed, not routinely.

Perhaps not all gold diggers are narcissists, but more often than not they are.

When this becomes something that is not normal, is when the methodology to achieve this is at the expense of others.

It is never a good thing to gain financial stability by taking advantage of another person or abusing another person's generosity.

They don't understand how to love, or how to achieve a good relationship, because their first love is themselves, then money. They don't know how to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. They don't know how to appreciate the little things in life, if they are not attached to money. Some people who use other people, might fall under the category of sociopath.

Whether they are a narcissist or a sociopath - and as wrong as it is, their intellect, good looks and charm can get them quite far, leaving a slew of damaged people in their wake.

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