Muslim single solution speed dating

That common ground helps to overcome the potentially awkward introduction phase and get to know someone.

Do you consider it important for your partner to conduct salah (praying five times a day), or to eat halal?

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Not only does it remove geographic barriers, which are less important in an age of global travel, but it also allows young women a greater choice in deciding who they want to meet.It also relies on friends and family being able to guess what you’re looking for in a partner, even if you’re not sure yourself yet.Education and Work: Muslim students may worry that abstaining from alcohol and nightclubs will mean they miss out on much of the social experience of university, but Islamic Societies and other social clubs do provide plenty of gatherings.The practice of polygamy has declined, but Muslim women are still prohibited from marrying outside of their faith (although it is allowed for Muslim men).And strict Islamic laws consider looking at a member of the opposite sex with desire as haram (forbidden), with chaperones often still involved.

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