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I think he stood next to Chris Christie to look like he had a normal weight. And yet o'donnell looks sexy compared to old, weird faced, ugly wigs, stupid, rude, Donald troll. I'm sure the process to become a canidate for the Pot US would prevent anyone who doesn't meet the requirements to be in & that includes this 'issue'!Besides, just because someone was born somewhere else doesn't mean they plan to harm the USA, or whatever. Even if Obama is terrible there is no way he is worse than you.If you enjoy the swinger lifestyle you will be pleased to hear that we have an abundance of adult contacts seeking other open minded couples to join up with them for some wife swapping fun.See sex personals from our other members and hookup with them tonight.- Rose Weasley I better not find this in the dictionary in the next 3 years - King Slayer93316 Disappointed this isn't the full quote. Insult him ONE more time and I swear I will burn your "hair". I bet it's less of a fraud than you - lucagalaxy And what is this source, may I ask?"Despite negative news covfefe" How did this become a meme? He's amazing and his inauguration is the best thing that happened to America. - La ST_Li GHT "And to Rosie O'Donnell; You're welcome, Shamou." Speaking of whales---The Donald is significantly overweight. - Emberflight_of_Storm Clan The whole issue with where Obama "really was born" was always f-ing ridiculous!

- Luckys "I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. I don't think there's a good reason to spend billions to petition for it, which basically makes this probably the worst thing about Trump overall. I'm REALLY rich." Might as well cut everyone's taxes, because clearly you don't need 'em by that logic. 15 years ago - Maddox121 "My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars" My father gave me a small loan of nothing. Everyone already knows how rich you are, you don't need to brag about by calling a million dollars small! I always knew his hair was fake, and now he confirmed it himself. He has built ENTIRE HOUSES and even a single brick from those houses is more than you achieved Then build one around yourself. That's to be expected." They only like him for your money.- Modern Sponge Bob Sucks So bad it's here twice What’s wrong with foreign people? " No one - King Slayer93316 Exactly what could be said about Trump. - Rose Weasley Donald trump and smart don't belong in the same sentence. - Planet Deadwing "I am the least racist person you will ever meet" *dies of laughter after realizing how idiotic this quote is* - King Slayer93316 More like most racist Seems legit, considering he called Mexicans drug lords and rapists, wants to keep out the Mexicans with a wall and wants to ban Muslims from entering America. - 445956 "My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body." Long fingers are gross. South Korea is a very good country, make sure you don't lose allies because I don't think Canada will help you when you offend another country - See U Trump, are you from Southeast Asia? No words They carry stuff, they are big, they have 12-18 wheels, and they do not go “Bing bing bong”.They’re human too - King Slayer93316 "Covfefe" What was he trying to say? - Pokemon RPGbro (About the fact that he didn't pay any income taxes) Proves he is the moron "many" people have said he is "I'm the President, you're not" We are citizens, and some citizens voted for you to be president in the first place - King Slayer93316 He literally uses this defend his claims that are debunked. - Rue "Obama is the worst thing that our country is going through" At least Obama isn't a perverted, arrogant racist. I think what you mean to say is that, "YOU'RE the worst thing that our country is going through." I'm sorry and Imma let you finish, but Barack Obama is awesome. - Modern Sponge Bob Sucks Both are bad - Jabber Listen, Donald. That’s what I know - King Slayer93316 “An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud" Did you guys know that Hillary Clinton started the " birth certificate issue " during the 2008 Democratic primaries?I would be embarrassed to be an American at the moment this guy should be locked away for the good of the species Horrible remark. My 4th grade teacher put this on for us to watch last year. I don't repeat myself" Irony at it’s best - King Slayer93316 Because what you said is already horrifying enough. Didn't he just talk about grabbing a woman's private parts...Says the guy who wants to grab their private parts.-Dark Boi-X “Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here? - Murphypaw This is the quote that seriously proved that Donald Trump is as racist as the media criticizes him as. Choe's ethnicity or nationality matters when correcting your incorrect and racist views.

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