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I know it's not #Throwback Thursday but on this date 5 years ago, my song ' Five Years From Now' had its radio debut.

The lyrics feel bittersweet now, but I'm still so proud of it.

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I feel it largely depends on the genre and target audience, but ultimately characters need to feel genuine and react naturally to the events they're subjected too. Glad Netflix has saved it, I need my dose of Kiefer.

#Writing Community as readers, do digital or physical books win?

#Foodforthought as writers, if we're truly heading to a digital future, can our vanity bear the thought of no bookstore release/signings? Ql0CZF Yeah its surprising how much detail goes into some book launches/releases! I'm just saying that there a literary devices that can be used to try and convey the emotional toll of such conditions to a reader who might otherwise not be so familiar with them or are fortunate to have not otherwise experienced them...

As you say, although recycled paper feels 'rougher' it's slightly more sustainable depending on the process etc. You deserve to have some rest in between writiting. Even if you only write 100 words you still make progress. Fun fact - there's actually a literary term for a scene in which the weather/environment reflects the characters mood.

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