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) But speaking to in 2015, Brescia had this to say about their love connection: "Were we like boyfriend girlfriend? We worked a lot, we had some moments, we spent a lot of time together." Basically, even now, he refuses to admit that he had any sort of real relationship with Patridge.Brescia says they just "became really, really good close friends." in 2016 that her relationship with Brescia "was a fine line of real and fake, because we definitely had real feelings for each other and what we were going through was real, but what we were going through in real life we didn't talk [about] on camera." , Montag revealed that her entire job at Bolthouse Productions was, in fact, a lie.The episode ended with one final dinner meeting between Patridge and her ex ...or, at least, the start of a dinner that abruptly ended with Justin walked out.However, maybe she has similar that we are not aware of. I can't stand social media influencers though. This girl is GROSS..boobs look like hams just hanging..fake face....honestly Audrina is 100% better and actually seems down to earth.Who works out with what looks like a huge butt plastered on her chest..boob crack.."I feel like I don't know where I can be just friends with you before you think maybe something else could be happening," he told her.Audrina hit back, telling him, "You're not that special. I try to make it clear." When he accused her of tugging at his belt again in Vegas, she shot back, "Why are you such a dick? You used to be there for me." "I was until it got too f--king heavy, it's too heavy," he replied. note: yes, that's how he pronounced it], that's how much I don't want to be involved in it.

I don't like tricking or manipulating people or things like that."I couldn't agree more," he replied, before he walked out.A part of me thinks that this is Justin trying to get his groove back.When Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt moved into a new neighborhood, they found themselves living next door to an adorable young person called Enzo.Viewers may remember the time they threw the little kid a party, complete with an elephant ride.

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