Jesse mccartney dating katie cassidy

Jesse and his ex-girlfriend Eden dated for over a year and later in early 2012, he started dating Katie Peterson.

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Cassidy had her breakthrough in 2012, after being cast as Laurel Lance / Black Canary, on The CW television series Arrow.Cassidy has reprised her role in the Arrowverse series The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow as well as voicing the character in the animated web series Vixen.In 2017, Cassidy instead began playing Black Siren, an initially antagonistic version from a parallel universe, originating on The Flash and continuing on to Arrow. It's hard for me to even accept how old she is now." In 2003, Cassidy made her television and acting debut appearing in an episode of the Lifetime drama series The Division.When Jesse Mc Cartney is asked if he is planning to tie a knot with his long-term girlfriend, he chooses not to speak anything on the matter.Well, although they have not verbally spoken on the subject, their actions are subconsciously reflecting their state of mind and their excitement regarding their marriage.

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