Intimidating police cars

This car was a modified version of a Shelby GT500 Mustang that was given a custom stylish, but aggressive appearance.

The Shelby GT500E is a reproduction of the movie car that packs serious horsepower and the same great intimidating looks.

Although this may be true, it is also the ultimate rolling status symbol that intimidates the masses with its immense size, gangster grill and shiny chrome throughout. It’s constructed of heavy-duty mil-spec steel that can resist a barrage of .50 cal bullets.

Its ground clearance affords it aggressive off-road capabilities.

Today automobiles are commonplace, although there still remains a small set of vehicles that intimidate the masses.

Intimidating cars can range from the extremely fast and exotic, to bullet proof military grade beasts and even to massive lifted trucks that that look like they would love to crush your car like Bigfoot or Grave Digger.

This bullet proof behemoth shined in the United States wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You probably want to avoid provoking road rage with the driver of one of these goliaths.

The H1 Hummer’s credentials include playing a heroic part in multiple conflicts and wars around the world.

Although Ashton Kutcher’s ownership of this colossal truck did nothing to add to its tough image, the combination of its massive size, power and price earns it a place on this most intimidating cars list.

Rolls-Royce likes to claim that this car offers state-of-the-art technology blended with timeless elegance.

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