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Giveaways, then click on “List a Giveaway” in the actions column at right.

On the Giveaway page, enter your book’s information, including a description, genre categories, and the number of copies you plan to give away and where you’ll ship them to (be sure to check shipping costs before determining this, as mailing a book can be expensive). Goodreads users can stumble upon your giveaway from the main giveaways page or by searching for a particular genre, then click to enter (and add your book to their shelf, giving you plenty of exposure to their audience if they’ve connected their social networks to the site! When the giveaway period ends, Goodreads automatically chooses the winner(s) and sends you a spreadsheet of the winners and their addresses.

You’ll also get access to the list of readers who downloaded the book, so you can follow up and hopefully add them to your list for future releases.

is another good option for advance distribution and review requests.

Interested readers can download the book for free and are automatically reminded a few times to leave a review after they’ve read it.

The site promotes top books in its email blasts to registered users, meaning that you’ll likely be discovered by readers who have never heard of you before!

So it’s a gamble, but if you “win,” you get the stamp of approval from a major professional outlet that also reviews for the Big Five! You’ll need to do so about four months before your book’s launch date, because it takes so long for reviews to get through the process.

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And social proof isn’t just useful when buying a phone or a new pair of shoes. Before attempting any of the following strategies, you need to lay a little groundwork.only accepts books that have a print version, but they will take digital copies for review, so this is a great option for authors who will be releasing both versions.Just create a cover letter that includes key information about your book, like the category, title, author, ISBN, price, page count, format, publication date, description, and any publicity information like author bio, etc. After all, when’s the last time you took a chance on buying something online, sight unseen, without checking the reviews?You want to know what other people who’ve already bought it think so that you can be sure you’re making the right choice.

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