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He changed his last name in 2005 to “Wesley” as it’s easier to pronounce and he claims that it really helped his career.

He’s best known for his role as Stefan Salvatore on The CW’s Mr.

Ian Somerhalder: The blue-eyed hottie has an intense regimen consisting of burpees, body planks, push-ups and squat jumps. Although he isn’t a vegetarian, he’s strongly against animal cruelty and factory farms.

He also avoids junk food to keep his svelte physique.

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He loves yoga and was raised on a healthy, organic diet which he maintains to this day.

in 2015 to concentrate on other projects, had people she really didn’t want to see when she returned to her old job.

Ahead of Nina’s return, which was a long time coming for fans, sources claimed that Dobrev was allegedly feeling “nervous” and “excited” to see most of her former castmates again, adding that Nina was supposedly “expecting the unknown for her time filming the finale.”The latest speculation surrounding Nina Dobrev’s return to the set comes after a slew of fans claimed on social media that Dobrev more than likely wasn’t too excited to see her former boyfriend Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore on fans took to social media after it was announced that Nina would be making her way back to the set to film her final scenes, claiming that Dobrev’s big reunion with Somerhalder was likely pretty “awkward” for the former couple after reports claimed following their 2013 breakup that they weren’t exactly on the best terms after Somerhalder began dating his now-wife, Nikki Reed.“How awkward will the acting be for Nina and Ian.

have become close friends since they started working together in 2009.

After 8 seasons together and many more years of friendship after that, it's no surprise to hear that there’s been some drama along the way since they've started to hang out together.

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