Humax epg not updating Web camera livesxs

Major hard drive failure only after 3 or 4 times of use. Despite updating software and returning to factory settings several times: IP EPG would not load. From day one it was a problem, only working intermittently, after persevering for 3 months I sent it back to Humax and demanded a replacement as my unit only worked when it wanted to, not when I wanted it to.

I'll be returning it to the store and getting my money back. I received a replacement and the old problems continued on, it turns itself off, it changes channels when recording, it has a very unfriendly user interface.

Regrettably seems quite reliable and does not want to fail.

Humax office suggested reset the machine to factory default, which was done, but this failed to fix problems. I will be returning the unit to Harvey Norman - who are sympathetic - for a credit on another brand. The unit I purchased had a major hard drive failure after two weeks. Every time i would turn it on it had a message, "Sorry, the HDD has not been formatted properly.

I felt I had no options but to return to retailer as it was not performing satisfactorily. To record programmes, you need to format the HDD first. I would pres ok and it would just cycle through, re-start and the same message would come up.

Only way I have found to correct any of this is to shut it off and turn it back on again.

Gets very annoying and when I took it back to the GOOD GUYs they were not very helpful.

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