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It’s enough to make you want to marry Netflix, if you haven’t already. Instead, we swap stories like it’s a competition for the Worst Dates Ever. On the one hand, you can’t blame people for settling when it’s so rough out there.On the other, you totally can because you should always make sure your feelings are real towards another person, or you’re just fooling yourself into thinking that things will work out.Then you get to the bar and wonder why you even bother getting off your couch anymore at all. For those of us who are searching for love, the dating world is not exactly the best place to be.It’s filled with awkward small talk, uncertainty and, okay, some crazy people.Second dates are exhausting, too, because yay, you’re seeing the person again, but does this mean you’re heading for something real? With a date, you make the effort to reach out to someone, make a plan, and meet them.

But if they don't allow you to do that, then this is what I consider "not acting in the clients' best interests".

You can become a pro at knowing when a first date isn’t going to result in a second. If the guy makes one weird comment, you’re already mentally out the door. But dating makes you think that you can’t even handle how strange people can be.

You’ve been burned and you can’t take any chances from now on. The most confusing thing is how many guys don’t understand that talking about exes on the first date might not be the best idea.

You definitely don’t want to be so picky that no one is ever good enough, but there’s a fine line between settling and easing up on that strict list of deal breakers.

Once you realize that dating sucks, you never want to date.

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