Hitch dating tips

I hitched with her a few months later and understood then how this may have happened.She was standing on a half highway road without sign indicating her direction and with a huge smile, a slightly denuded t-shirt and a suggestive attitude.If they insist tell them about your fiance - you know, the 250lbs professional boxer you are on your way to visit.They may try to see how easily intimidated you are, "Aren't you scared out here all by yourself, (a pretty girl like you)? " Of course many people will ask you variations of this without ill-intention, but sticking to a general answer along the lines of "yes I know there are bad people, but I believe that there are more good people than bad out there.Here are other preventative techniques that can be used: If prevention has failed and you find yourself in a situation where you are almost certain you are in danger, it is time to take action. Your chances of escape go down significantly once he has taken you to a back road or isolated area.If you start feeling uncomfortable while on a main road or in a populated area, get out then.

Whatever statistics are concerning violence to women (though when it comes to hitchhiking, they're low -- the German Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Police) estimates the chance of a failed attempt at rape at 1-2 out of 10.000 and the chance of a "successful" rape at 1 out of 10.000 lifts), there are some things you can do in order to avoid/go out from difficult situations There are many different ways to get a ride from staying on the side of the road to asking directly to people at petrol stations.

If you want to or have to stay on the edge of the road, your attitude will of course attract different people.

The 'positive attitude' thing is important but be aware of what you may suggest when standing and smiling. I have a friend who almost got raped when hitchhiking in Europe for the first time.

This is just an example and there is of course no generality.

I have often met really nice people, which at first glance I wouldn't think of as sympathetic.

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