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“I’m quite a relatively regular shaver, compared to the others, and I think we decided to focus on not shaving our armpits because they hold the most stigma. “We chose August because it's the month where your armpits are out so everyone can see them.

We just went for the month that is the most difficult.” The women have set a tough challenge – but it’s one that hundreds of young women across Britain are keen to embrace.

Some younger men shout out ridiculous things like 'I'd never sleep with you’ but they are usually a group of lads and if you talk to them one on one, they are really understanding.

“Most women are really supportive; it’s more teenage girls that really struggle with it.

Their goal – apart from reaching their fundraising targets – is to be able to confidently choose whether to shave their armpits into the silkiness of a Dove advert, or to let them grow into a natural fuzz.

They want to encourage women to make up their own minds about armpit hair without the heavily weighted influence of society, media and advertising.

“I had never seen my natural armpit hair – and I was 22 years old,” cries Gina Fuller, now 23, working as a charity fundraiser in London.

Unlike most young women, the thought of her underarm fur did not make her balk and silently thank Gillette for selling Venus-themed razors.

“We see such a narrow stereotype of what beauty is in the media and magazines, but everybody should be able to express themselves,” says Gina.

It's important for girls to choose to have them either way.

This is a good way of changing my mind about it as well.” Ultimately, it is their own perspectives on armpit hair that the women are trying to change.

Sophie Paterson, 25, a web manager in Cardiff, has signed up and ditched the razor for August.

She says: “I floated the idea to friends and the reactions were vehement: ‘Ugh, no, you can’t do that.’ I was like, ‘Well, I can.’ I just think people should be able to free and experiment in the same way a guy can grow a moustache and decide if he likes it.” All of the women taking part in Armpits4August are keen to address the question of body hair and gender.

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