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Grandparents who are bringing up grandchildren, even on a temporary basis, should know about the different legal forms of custody and what paperwork is needed for each type.At the very least, they will need medical and educational consent forms.Sometimes the surviving spouse is not in a position to take in the children immediately and may let grandparents take them on a temporary basis.Grandparents in this situation run the risk of heartache if the parent reclaims the children.Either way, it is the end of the grievance process.The State is committed to establishing a partnership and support for caregivers.Grandparents are sometimes awarded custody of grandchildren after the death of a parent.

Grandparents should be prepared for either outcome if they take grandchildren into their home.The 23 rights are listed below Division of Family and Children Services Division Director 2 Peachtree Street N. Suite 19.490 Atlanta, GA 30303 State Mediation Committee Office of the Child Advocate State of Georgia 7 Martin Luther King Jr.Drive, Suite 347 Atlanta, GA 30334 NOTE: If the Step Three Grievance is not filed within 10 business days of the Step Two (DFCS Division Director Response), the grievance is considered closed and no mediation will occur NOTE: The mediation will result in a written agreement signed at the mediation or an impasse.The Caregiver Ombudsman serves as an advocate for caregivers.The Ombudsman is a neutral or impartial dispute resolution practitioner for foster caregivers.

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