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What the value of this liability to de- terioration is it is impossible to say, but no doubt it is very considerable. 65 It will be seen that the death-rates varied considerably at different periods of the war, the mortality among both Officers and men being very much heavier in the early stages of the war than in the latter. 825 June " 9,146 7 47 54 .765 5.139 5.904 July 9,214 11 29 40 1.194 3.147 4.341 August " 9,211 7 19 26 .760 2.063 2.823 September " 9,116 5 13 18 .548 1.426 1.974 October " 9,066 10 12 22 1.103 1.324 2.427 November " 8,941 7 17 24 .783 1.901 2 . '3,886 4,698 69 243 312 7.514 100,538 .686 2.417 3.103 23-27 1,922 4.612 67 253 320 6,534 92,548 .724 2.734 8.458 28-32.... But, it is to be regretted that, in most cases, their endeavors led to no satis- factory solution owing to the want of statistical materials adequately cor- rect.

It is true the rates cover the risk of death from normal mortality, and they do not take into account the probability of deterioration through wounds or disease contracted during the campaign. i24" 1.366 1.490 May " 8,911 10 33 43 1.122 3.703 4. (1 (2) (3) (4) (5) (6; (Ti (8) (9) (10) (11) 17-22... The wars fought within hist ten years^ in wliich the most improved weapons and the most advanced strategy were employed, are those be- tween Japan and China in Asia, between Spain and the United States in North America, between England and Transvaal in Africa, and between China and the allied forces in the Chinese Empire. the estimation of the damage resulting from war, is one which many learned men have ever tried to solve. The importance of this feature of the war from an assurance point of view is at once apparent. 6,489 1 7 8 .154 1.079 1.233 Total 256,450 193 638 831 .753 2.488 3.241 It will be seen on comparing the death-rates of the assured Yeo- manry and volunteers with those of the wliole of the Yeomanry deduced from the otiicial War Office returns that the rates of the former are con- siderably the lower. Looking at column 10 we see again that the age distribution has on the whole very little effect on death-rates from "illness." The following Table shows the total for each policy month, combin- ing all ages: War Hisks, tcifh Reference to War in S. Other circumstances, such as the number of the soldiers belonging to the other side, the prevalence of the military spirit, the excellence of weapons used, the strength of the for- tresses, the more or less profound knowledge of topographical conditions, the supply of ammunition, the alnlity of the commanding officers, the effects of weather, etc., etc., all go far to influence the solution and merit the most careful consideration. Any premium calculated from the very large death-rate for the whole war might be misleading, for a policy- holder has the option of discontinuing his assurance at the end of the first year, but a glance at the above Tables will show that the average yearly premium for Officers of 5.3 per cent, would have been altogether too small for the first year's risk taken by itself. The reasons for this are, firstly, the different methods which were adopted in obtaining the time of exposure to risk. One must certainly admit that it is very hard, if not altogether impossible, to calculate and express numerically their respective consequences. " Mav " 1 3 1 .43 1.27 .42 1.71 2.96 .84 1.23 June " 82 32565 31 55 80 .95 1.69 2.64 Julv, 1899 24.59 2450 2451 2461 2467 2464 2462 2457 2453 2448 2442 2463 5 3 2 1 2 3 2 3 . 1902, the end of period of observation 5,923 Total months of exposure to risk 250.450 Average duration 13.31 months. The cards were first sorted into calendar months of the war, so as to compare with the figures given in the general mortality of the Imperial Forces, and then sorted into months of assurance for the purpose of obtaining monetary results, and of tracing the effects of continued exposure to the risks of war, in order to test whether the lives became hardened against disease as time passed. ASSURED YEOMANRY AND VOLUNTEERS Summary in Calendar Months. 76 The Rislc-Rate of the Late China-Japanese Ifar {Kotaro Schida). The first engagement on land took place in Corea in July, 1894, to be followed by fifty battles on more or less extensive scale, and many scores of skirmishes, that lasted over sixteen months. For the purpose of obtaining the Exposed to Eisk the age was taken as age next birthday at entry; the date of entry was taken as the first day of the month in which the policy was issued. The list was only terminated by the battle in Formosa in October, 1895.

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