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-i option for creating an ISO image, now some compression algorithms don't give error if the end of output is reached (better for the comtype scanner), undk2 replaced by refpack_decompress_safe, more operators in encryption random and support for bitmasks (like key 16), my encryptions like random/math/xmath now support also variables in their configuration, added aes modes ige/bi_ige/heat, less resource used by append log to file, initialization of arrays with multiple input files, 30 new compression algorithms, code improvements and less memory consumed at runtime support for wildcards in the selection of input files, fixes in check_condition: constant strings, basename, filepath and filename, String reverselong/short/longlong weren't recognized, new 'y' String operator for alignment, Set to_unicode for converting to utf16, new FULLBASENAME type, better Print hexdump, String with constant strings, important fixes for the String operators: shl, mul, equal, split and cstring, some new compression algorithms, TEMPORARY_FILE now doesn't prompt for overwriting, better handling of same input and output file, Encryption Math with #INPUT#, some default values to the few compressions that required a ditionary value, LZ4 supporting dictionary and returning no errors in case of short output, fix for filexor/filerot with negative values, fix for utf16 conversion, information and fixes in the manual, reimplemented lzrw, balz and quad compressions, added mcomp/libmcomp, irolz, uclpack and ace compressions -r option for reimporting the extracted files like in Quick BMS (it uses the Zopfli library), the previous -r option has been renamed -R, some changes to the runtime help, it's no longer needed to specify the output folder and offset, option to automatically overwrite the output files, -1 now uses the output filename if specified, added a Makefile for Linux, renamed from Offset file unzipper to Offzip variables between quotes are now considered constants, fixed some math/xmath operators, fixed Findloc unicode, some new compression algorithms, experimental Scandir modes for working with processes, quiet option, fix for Open EXISTS in reimport mode, fix for avoiding to create new files with -w using Open, small improvement of comtype lzma_dynamic, fix for some compresison algorithms that take parameters from the dictionary argument on quickbms_4gb_files -e option for adding environment strings (useful with some Steam games), -T for delayed attachment of the debugger -d, better handling and checking of the filenames that allows to specify just the filename without the whole path or wildcards experimental reimporting of chunked files, fix for Set VAR strlen VAR, Name CRC allowed to use a MEMORY_FILE (useful for compressed embedded list), fix for Name CRC that skipped hex hashes, added Zopfli for better compression of some files, a couple of new compression algorithms, set correct position of memory file in append mode, don't ask to overwrite in append mode if the file has been created by the script, -O - for stdout output (redirect may not work), fix for long directory names SLog command for exporting/reimporting strings (game localization), a couple of new compression algorithms, fixed various recompression algorithms, improvement of RSA and added similar encryptions, added most of the e CRYPT algorithms, compatibility with Windows 8.1, fixed a very rare bug in putarray, some minor fixes new Codepage command for utf16 to utf8 strings conversion (will be improved/expanded in future), base conversion in Math command (binary/octal), fix for the parameters in the Print command after the pipe, many new compression algorithms including also recompression (cpk, bpe and nrv are the most important), new argument for Strlen to get the full size of the variable, initial implementation of rsa encryption, command Append 1 improved to work with Goto, additional parameter in xor_prev/next to specify the operation on the last byte, fixed a bug in Call DLL introduced in the last version, Quick BMS version and information visible in the properties of the exe, restored compatibility with Windows 98 (_fstat64 caused by iostream) tons of new compression algorithms, new Makefile for Linux, calldll from encryption/comtype with #INPUT_SIZE# and #OUTPUT_SIZE#, String with multiplication and hex2uri/uri2hex operators, a '0' added to the String operator allows to set an empty VAR1 in case of errors, rc6 encryption, xor_prev/xor_prev2/xor_next/xor_next2 encryptions, fix for getarray, added adler32 to the available crc functions, fix for a rare bug in reimporting, append 1 now allows to place the new content at the current position of the output file, source code of Quick BMS in a separate zip archive to avoid space and confusion, fix for using libtomcrypt, activated all the rnc compressions available, fix for xmemdecompress of native files (0xed magic), cleaning of spaces at the end of folder names in extraction, fix for filepath type.updated the compression and crc scanner to match the new amount of algorithms added the -c option that allows to guess and dump the chunked files, option -D to specify dictionary, -d to visualize the hexdump of the data before and after the compressed streams, statistics information, offset where the compressed streams ends, amount of bytes between the current compressed stream and the previous one, zlib header and crc information, updated extensions guesser (strnicmp fix for Linux) most of the global variables now have a g_ prefix, new Name CRC instruction for working with list of filenames, support for full scripts passed as command-line argument (';' separated), support for C NULL delimited arrays like short var[], many new crc/hash algorithms for the encryption and namecrc commands, added basename/filepath/filename comparisons for conditions, fix for math x with big numbers, added Set filepath, String P mode to use the same syntax of the Print command, enhancement of the Comtype dictionary to allow data containing zeroes, added new compression and recompression algorithms, mpq encryption, fix for the prs compression, more information when a read and compression error occurs, option -M for extracting only the files different than those available in another folder, no folders creation with -0 and -O, QUICKBMS_FILENAME internal variable, updated some libraries, zlib_noerror and deflate_noerror automatically increase the uncompressed size if needed (they use the same code of unzip_dynamic), Xmemdecompress with automatic decompression of Xbox files compressed with xbcompress (lzxdecode and lzxnative), lzma_dynamic with automatic scanning of the flags in case of failure, small fix for some gzip files, other small fixes and improvements, support for C enum, idstring information in -V mode, visualization of the last script line that caused the error, updated some libraries like lzma ZDI-12-163/ZDI-11-232, ZDI-12-114, ZDI-12-115, ZDI-12-100, ZDI-12-133, ZDI-12-148, ZDI-12-033, ZDI-11-351, ZDI-11-345, ZDI-11-329, ZDI-11-330, ZDI-11-320, ID954, ID953, ID973, ID974, ID975, ZDI-11-262, ZDI-11-263, ZDI-11-264, ZDI-11-245, ZDI-11-246, ZDI-11-235, ZDI-11-171, ZDI-11-170, ZDI-11-160, ZDI-11-161, ZDI-11-162, ZDI-11-163, ZDI-11-164, ZDI-11-165, ZDI-11-166, ZDI-11-156 (the material has been released as-is) review and better writing of quickbms.txt, source code extension H to C, -a can be specified multiple times for new arguments, new argument for the Append command to choose when and how write the new data, added new names for String operators, Endian can save the current endianess in a variable, Get line works even if there is no new line delimiter at end of file, last offset visualized when a compression fails, additional arguments for String printf, fix for base64_compress that wasn't handled, added comtype lz4_compress, new behavior of Debug command, base_offset argument for Padding command, negative index variable for get/putarray for taking and storing elements at the end of array, a positive value in goto SEEK_END is automatically converted in negative to seek correctly, fix for the filenames ending with .or * to guess their extension, better colors for the hexhtml visualization, automatic handling of xcompressed files (\x0F\x F5\x12\x EE) in comtype xmemcompress, some malloc to calloc changes, new icon, changed major version number due to the huge amount of enhancements from 0.5 added the -S option for scanning only some signatures instead of all, -t for choosing the exact number of threads to use, -a for forcing a specific image address, -3 can be used to write the INT3 directly in the process specified by -P I have just released the proof-of-concept for the game vulnerabilities disclosed by Re Vuln in a paper related to the talk given at No Such Con #1 in May 2013 - Breach, Brink, Cry Engine3, Nexuiz (not the Classic one), Sanctum, The Haunted, Homefront, Monday Night Combat, Quake 4.The bugs were all 0-days over one year ago and probably they are too.I'm still at the beginning now enctype X is default (so there are no longer problems with big endian processors) and has been added the -R option which shows all the rooms of a game available on the Gamespy Peerchat server (thanx to CHC) substituited Open SSL with another DES function which makes the executable a lot smaller and modified the headers of some source files (so NO changes to the core) with the suggestions of Jari Aalto of Debian added full support to the protocol and algorithm used by ANY game to query the GS master server (use -t -1 to enable it), an option to receive the informations of each server directly from the master server (-X) and now the query of the servers through GS natneg must be enabled with the -G option now the webgui and -Q scanning is slower since I have implemented the reping of the servers and the usage of the Gamespy NAT negotiation for the queries 0, 8 and 11.

etqw stats not updating-26

trim operators in String, new and updated compression algorithms, Sort Array switched from signed to unsigned (more useful), fix for comtype sixpack, lbalzss and SCUMMVM9, coverage statistics showing also the current offset, better handling of If statements with values coming from arrays, -K option, fix for tea_setup in encrypt mode fixed bug in Find Loc introduced in 0.7.5, compatibility for opening paths and filenames containing non-english characters (like chinese/korean/japanese directories of MMORPG), Oodle 2.3.0 (now fully working), some new compression algorithms, hsel encryption, automatic handling of endianess in EDL1 and EDL2 compression, removed backtrace library used during crashes to decrease the size and granting compatibility with Windows 98, fixed bug in check_wildcard for options -f/-F, fix for recognizing MEMORY_FILE set as key of encryption and other commands removed an unused buffer used with PE/ELF parsing, added handling of SHT_NOBITS in ELF parsing, fix for check_wildcard(), a couple of new signatures mainly for LZ4 so basically the database is still the same of 2013 additional argument for Find Loc to specify the ending search offset, fixed a bug in File Xor/Rot/Crypt introduced in 0.7.4, small fix for the optional arguments of Name CRC, small fix for a rare bug in String, improved printf and sscanf operators of String, new compression algorithms, updated Oodle, isaac encryption, Free Library called in Call DLL at the end of the script, -Z option for replacing all the archived files with zeroes in reimport mode, warning about impossibility to reimport files with wildcards, fix for the XSIZE field in the Log/CLog commands, fix comtype wp16, fix for recursive_dir with invalid sub_folders, improvements for set_utf8_to_unicode and set_unicode_to_utf8, realloc with usage of temporary file in case of failure with big buffers, updated algorithms and libraries, improved guessed extensions for some nameless files fix for String 0 operator, Do While working with multiple conditions, Endian works also with variables containing the saved value, Call DLL usercall fix, added various compression algorithms, fix for filexor/filerot with negative offset, fix for overflowing longlong values read/written using quickbms.exe, simple progress visualization for reimporting, fixed reimporting of MEMORY_FILEs fixed the recent issues of quickbms 0.7.2* (back to 0.7.1 method), some new compression algorithms, fixed identification of comtype ppmdi_raw, fix and improvements for the parameters of the *tea encryptions, improvement of ZIP_AES, various parts of code set as static, small improvements of rsa_tomcrypt, String t and T operators to make easier the handling of html/xml now the TEMPORARY_FILE is deleted automatically at the end of the extraction without asking, added the following compression algorithms: PKWARE DCL, IBM TERSE (PACK/SPACK), PKWARE reduce, a configurable LZW engine, ultima6, lz5 and yalz77, 4 additional formats for RSA keys, fix for sortarray with arrays having different elements, SLog supporting offsets till 4Gb - 1, reimport mode for deflatex/zlibx, added ZIP file creation in addition to the ISO one, -Q for really quiet mode, updated some algorithms, increased the number of allowed arguments per line for If and String S, setvbuf to 64Kb (probably useless), fix for Xmemdecompress with lzxnative and lzxtdecode formats, replaced sub_var strdup_replace with manual alloc memcpy, feature to embed scripts inside for distribution in modkits many fixes: stricmp crash on Linux/Win XP, String =, set basename, putarray, recognizing end of file in fgetxx, coverage statistics of memory files, skip existent files choice/option, double request of files overwrite in some cases, some rare compression algorithms not working correctly, mcrypt comma separator, a couple of magics in sign_ext.c.

note that this version is NO longer compatible with the previous one!

full support of two other shameful ways used by Power ISO for obfuscating the data: the swapping of the 3 decompression functions in the inflate algorithm and another senseless encoding of the index table added handling of master server messages in enctype X (useful in case you use a wrong -f filter), now everything is displayed on stderr except the servers and games list and their informations, the classical list of the IP:port of the servers will bet no longer displayed when -X is in use to avoid duplicates with the "IP:port \parameter\value" output, finally the system tray icon of works completely and gslist can be launched or terminated from there too substituited the decompression library from zlib to the more simple and tiny tinf library which has allowed me to add support to a small and unusual difference in the inflate algorithm used in Power ISO which caused the failure of daa2iso with some DAA files, continued the research on some unused or rarely used fields of the DAA file format the default hexadecimal format is now immediate because no longer uses the slow sscanf() which instead remain active for the other alternative formats chosed by the user, added also a very useful option which allows to handle the hexdumps added support to all the latest games like Call of Duty 5, Crysis Wars and War Hammer Online and a new feature which allows to verify a list of GUIDs of various formats included the pbbans one available on Punk Busted this tool has the main purpose of finding any ASCII and unicode string inside PE and ELF executables with the possibility of modifying these strings with an external text editor and re-injecting them in the original executable added a real-time disassembler with parsing of ASCII and unicode strings, usage of sh_flags instead of sh_type for the visualization of the characteristics of the ELF sections, fixed a problem with virtual offsets set to zero (ELF) solved a mistake in the calling of mysendto and myrecvfrom, removed the usage of secure_in_use in acpdump.h which caused an endless loop, modified the prototype of mysend/mysendto so now is possible to create a new buffer during their hooking which will be automatically freed by proxocket after its usage with the real functions, better handling of mysend/mysendto with the WSASend/WSASend To functions, improved the examples available in myproxocket.c added some examples and more informations in myproxocket.c, now myconnect and mybind are called before the original functions, if the return value of myconnect/mybind/mysend/mysendto is negative will be not called the relative original functions I have almost rewritten this small tool, now the compressed data generated by it is complete and not partial or corrupted as before.

a player for Linux was really needed so now I can listen the Unreal Championship music on the penguin toosimple tool for playing with the size of the UDP packets (useful for testing possible socket unreachable bugs or flooding the servers of some game engines with socket error messages) and their content, contains also some interesting optionstool for sending RCON commands (both interactive and one only) to servers which use the Quake 3 engine or a compatible RCON protocol.

The tool supports also password guessing through brute forcing and wordlist methodsuhmmm I have added support for ZWB and XSD/XSH archives and solved some bugfixes (now each subsong has its rate and channels, watch the previous news about XWB) but the best thing would be the creation of a Winamp plugin for handling archives which I don't know how to do at the moment..tool is finally complete, I have added support for XSB file (now the extracted files can have the original name), support for samplerate, channels and codecs with automatic header and extension plus many bugfixes and enhancementsadded the function TXbox Adpcm Decoder_Decode_Memory() for the usage of buffers, this function has also optimized the reading and writing performance of the files.

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