Error crashed while validating asset

I finally managed to find a solution after several hours (painful! My solution is because the frameworks related to the Visual Studio are old or broken.I found this because I tried to create a new Mac solution by Cocoa and it said "failed to save the solution".the folder was In my case I upgraded to VS2017 and wanted to build all projects with MSBuild 4 with my build script (which had been using MSBuild 3.5 when we were using VS2015).That MSBuild upgrade appeared fine for the Windows desktop applications but the ones for Windows CE with compact framework would give me this confusing error.anyway Deleting The Folders with the Temp info Fix this my case the Project was a Windows Server, and Basically it Creates a Folder with some Tem info.

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Interestingly, I later was able to edit the same Linker settings even with 'All Configurations' selected.Then, I tried to create an Android Solution and it is working fine.Go to your "Finder" and "Go" - "Go to a Folder" then go to the "Library/Frameworks".In my case xxxx.was not loaded when tried to publish the application.I deleted the file and restart the Visual studio then created a new profile to publish it, problem is solved and published successfully.

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