Edating sites com

This post is totally my opinion on the matter and is also something I think a lot of players in this community need to hear.I’m not here to white knight or tell people how to make their choices, but this is something that I seriously need to get off of my chest.Actively searching for relationships on Runescape is a sickness.People who actively search for relationships on Runescape usually aren’t ready for a relationship in their lives.

The best advice I can give you is that if the game stops becoming fun and starts becoming something that you use to pass time TAKE A BREAK.

I can sit here today and tell you all of this with confidence because I know people who have gone through this cycle and most importantly I’ve been through it.

I met a girl on Runescape in the past and we did all of your typical edating bullshit.

We went further than most of these flings and we met in person after a couple months.

Everything was great, but the one issue was that we both weren’t ready for a relationship.

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