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Overall I would ignore this, as it is likely to leave you more confused than adding any benefits - with the exception of the five love languages.

If you're interested in understanding women's personality types, the best course for this is the Pandora's Box System.

This was overly simplistic in many areas, which caused confusion in the students on the course at times.

Myers-Briggs has long lost 'validity' in the world of psychology as a reliable tool, and there are better alternatives he could have used.

On the negative, if you get things quickly, this program will probably be too long for you - it had me 'yawning' and wanting to get on with it with some parts, and being very engaged with others.However, while De Angelo normally does a good job on research, this part came across as weak.He introduces some frameworks from "The Five Love Languages", Myers-Briggs and NLP.basically this program is similiar to his others - 12 hours of guys talking about changing there lives.The message - women want a guy with passion to change the world within a direction- "how that guy wants to do it." Pick something and tell her. You will not find these tools for creating and maintaining a happy, lasting relationship anywhere else.

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