Double standard for women in dating

Just keep your judgments to yourself like a decent human being.If they’re picky about who they date, it’s a pride point; if we’re picky, we’re “being unrealistic.” A totally unimpressive-looking dude of below-average intelligence can refuse to seriously date anyone who doesn’t look like a model and he’s somehow considered legitimate.When guys are strongly opinionated, they’re being manly; when we are, we’re bitches.

We won’t always prioritize them over our guy, but a friend in need is a friend indeed and we’ll be there when we’re needed because that’s what good friends do.

If they have casual sex, they get high fives; we just get slut-shamed. While that lifestyle doesn’t mesh with everyone and that’s okay, it’s not okay to slut shame a woman after high-fiving your buddy for exactly the same behavior.

As a matter of fact, it’s not okay to slut-shame anyone.

They’re encouraged to be competitive in all things, but a competitive woman is deemed “crazy.” Crazy is just a word men use when they’re intimidated and legitimately worried that a woman could beat them at their own game. You had your chance to rule the world unopposed, and now you have to share it.

Part of that sharing is actually having to step up your game rather than winning just because you have a penis. When they party hard, it’s awesome; when we do, it’s “sloppy.” Partying is fun, and every hustler needs to kick back sometimes.

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