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Here you can find thousands who use American Sign Language and, who share your values and life experiences.

Gegründet vom Engländer John Dunkley, wurde das Weingut von einem anderen Engländer, […] Bordeaux, und so …Padden and Humphries comment, “this knowledge of Deaf people is not simply a camaraderie with others who have a similar physical condition, but is, like many other cultures in the traditional sense of the term, historically created and actively transmitted across generations.” The authors also add that Deaf people “have found ways to define and express themselves through their rituals, tales, performances, and everyday social encounters.The richness of their sign language affords them the possibilities of insight, invention, and irony.” The relationship Deaf people have with their sign language is a strong one, and “the mistaken belief that ASL is a set of simple gestures with no internal structure has led to the tragic misconception that the relationship of Deaf people to their sign language is a casual one that can be easily severed and replaced.” (Padden & Humphries) “Hard of Hearing” “Hard-of-hearing” can denote a person with a mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Can one be hard-of-hearing and function as hearing? What about being hard-of-hearing and functioning as a member of both the hearing and Deaf communities?Connect with hearing-impaired and deaf people any time day or night.We are engaged at the moment and will be getting married next year summer 2012.

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