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This worries Goody Two-Shoes Betty, who thinks Kevin might get targeted by the town’s resident serial clad Kevin in its finest low-cut tank tops unravels into some compelling character work.John’s Rating: 3Fred’s Rating: 3IMDB’s Rating: 6.6 Click here to subscribe in i Tunes or check us out on Stitcher Radio on Demand.

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But the show also does a good job of staying on his side, making it clear that Kevin — and Moose, to an extent — need this outlet to survive.

They won’t be happy with a knockoff of what Archie and friends have, and they won’t settle for, to quote a line from Harvey Fierstein’s , “a grade-B imitation of a heterosexual marriage.” In this case, just substitute “marriage” for “teen drama.” All this attention on Kevin, who was upgraded to a series regular this season, works to move him past witty quips in search of a personality and into something more of a character.

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