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Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are 2,500 online dating sites in the United States, although fewer than 25 are considered “major,” meaning they have more than 1 million current, active and unique members. There's for Jewish singles; Marry Me for those tired of the singles scene and looking for lifelong love;, which matches people based on their taste in books; and even Star Trek for those willing to — wait for it — go where no man (or woman) has gone before.

Whichever sites you sign on to (and experts recommend registering with more than one), success requires more than dipping a toe in the water. “It's like looking for your dream job, only better,” says Spira.

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“We don't have time to wait around,” says Carole Bancroft, whose husband of 47 years died four years ago after a lengthy illness. “If you meet someone, you'll know you have at least one thing in common,” she says.“Sure, your friends and relatives will try to set you up, but that runs out quickly,” she says.“Dating sites let you cast a wider net, so you can meet people who live beyond the 5 to 10 miles where you live.” They also help find people of similar values and interests. But just as you may not be able to find a specialty olive oil in a Wal-Mart Supercenter, smaller “boutique” sites offer more targeted connections, according to Sandy Weiner, founder of the dating coach website Last First We believe in real romance and relationships that last.Join us today to see how Elite Singles can transform your love life and bring you together with other great Thai singles who are looking for commitment. With a population of 300 000, demographic data clearly shows that the Thai American community is thriving . However, being part of a population comprised of both foreign-born and US-born singles in the States, looking for Thai singles can be tricky.

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