Dating someone with add

To my brain, we traded stories in a back-and-forth.

But to anyone else, the King-styling means I told five stories to every one of theirs. D., director of the Chesapeake ADHD Center of Maryland, where she specializes in treating women and girls with ADHD, explains why these kinds of behaviors are triggered more on dates than in other social situations.“The more intense or engaged we may be in an interaction, the more our ADHD traits come to the forefront,” Nadeau tells me.

Performances and creativity were encouraged when I was little, but by the time I was 10 years old, the phrase “Shut up” had chipped away at my self-confidence. I ask Tschudi about this.“Is it possible that I ‘over talk’ because I’m bored?

She didn’t just write the book; she’s married to someone who wasn’t diagnosed until well into adulthood, and both of her daughters are ADHD.

Her practice is even devoted to “ADD-ers” (my new favorite word) and their related issues. Immediately, Tschudi validates what Emma had outlined earlier, while also illuminating the physical sensations and impulses behind my communication style problem. As Tschudi tells me:#Nailed It While ADDers are fun, interesting, entertaining, and rarely ever boring — all positive attributes in a potential partner — the “tangential processing” that happens in our brains can make our stories hard to follow and keep us from knowing how long we’ve been talking.

Tschudi breaks down the types of unintentional behaviors that can make us look uninterested in the other person.“My daughter would do the ‘squirrel thing’ — anything that caught her eye, she’d look away during one-on-one conversation,” she says.

“A friend of hers very kindly said, ‘You don’t seem to be very interested in what I’m trying to talk to you about.’ And she was interested!

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