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This doesn’t mean you can’t date someone from “a different town”, but it does mean you have to be careful what you say about the town/village/city your date comes from. The Welsh have pubs by the sea, out in the country, at the top of mountains, on boats and rivers, and pretty much anywhere that you can fit a beer keg.

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Don’t expect your Welsh date to plan extravagant dates at ritzy hotels or flamboyant meals at continental restaurants. You see, the Welsh will let things slide for years without actually sitting down and talking about it.With rugged mountains and golden coastlines to play with, dating in Wales is best done outdoors.Whether it’s taking a dog for a walk at the beach or hiking through waterfalls and rivers, Welsh men and women are equally as passionate about living the outdoor lifestyle.Even if they secretly like the cheekiness of their date, they won’t be seen to be made a fool of, especially in front of their family. For the Welsh, being casual about new relationships is extremely important because they know almost everyone they know will know the person they are dating, and have an opinion on it.No one wants to look like a plonker when/if it all goes wrong.

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