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It signifies the girl's journey from childhood to womanhood.The party includes an elaborate dress for the girl of honor, food, dancing, friends and families.There are also small communities of Muslims, Jews and Buddhists.Family is one of the most important elements in Mexican society, according to Especially outside of cities, families are typically large and Mexicans are very conscious of their responsibilities to immediate family members and extended family such as cousins and even close friends.Hosting parties at their homes plays a large part of Mexican life and making visitors feel comfortable is a large part of the values and customs of the country."Family units are usually large, with traditional gender roles and extensive family involvement from the external members who assist one another in day to day life," Wagner told Live Science. "Parents are treated with a high degree of respect, as is the family in general and there may be constant struggle, especially for the growing children between individual wants and needs and those wants and needs of the family," added Wagner.On large event in a Mexican family is the quinceañera.This is a celebration of a young lady's 15 birthday.

On the first date, the man usually pays for the evening.

Public displays affection when you’re in a relationship are very common in Brazil.

Likewise, the family is an important element that weaves across all aspects of daily life.

Traditional Mexican clothing for women includes a sleeveless tunic-like dress called a huipil, according to Don Quijote Spanish School.

Originally, these cotton dresses were made very simple with garnishes of color.

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