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The notification details will be entered on a computerised notification system by the Registrar on the basis of the information given by the couple.When attending the Registrar's office in relation to the notification, the couple must also pay the notification fee of €200 (€50 in the case of a couple in a civil partnership with each other which took place in the State) and provide the Registrar with evidence of their name, address, age, civil status and nationality.Marriage is a solemn legal contract; therefore it is vital that all the necessary preliminaries for a marriage be completed in order that the marriage is legally valid.The marriage provisions of the Civil Registration Act, 2004 became law on 5th November 2007.

1.2 The Marriage Notification Process After 5th November 2007 any couple proposing to marry should begin the process by contacting their local Registration Office to make an appointment to meet the Registrar to give him/her their marriage notification.Failure to produce such evidence will result in refusal to proceed with the marriage.Persons aged under 18 must obtain the permission of the Circuit Family Court or the High Court to get married.Persons wishing to get married by religious or secular ceremony should approach the authorities of the religious denomination or secular body concerned for advice on how to proceed, and also make an appointment to attend their local Registrar.Those wishing to get married by civil ceremony should make an appointment to attend a Registrar of Civil Marriages.

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