Dating guys with possessive sisters dating app iphone

I know I'm not nearly the best thing for them, but I'm also afraid to see anything worse than me befall them. I know you came to me for answers, Janee, but all I really have are questions for you.

I don't understand women who stay with dudes like this, so please explain it to me. Or did you just think that was how things were supposed to be?

When he asked if I was interested in other guys, I would tell him I didn't give a fuck about any other guy but him.

Then, he would laugh and give my neck a few hickeys. He was my first text in the morning and my last call at night.

This guy's behavior is not “like a boyfriend would be.”Most of us have something wrong with us, sure.

But not all of us believe we own the women we date or that we can control them and dictate their actions.

If you really want the answer: You need to message him yourself, girl.

I can tell you what I think went wrong, which is what I've done (he's too insecure), but as far as giving you real answers to this exact situation, I think you need to confront the man, and get those answers.

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It takes me a while to figure out what the hell I want. But when I meet a person of interest, and I find out more about that person, eventually, I fall head over heels for all this person's values and faults. I don't show it, though, because of my pride and stubbornness.

And since you two weren't exactly exclusive, he likely felt a text was adequate.

So for you to ignore the message is both questionable and ultimately ineffective.

He's lost something good and genuine, and it's totally his fault.

Personally, I think you dodged a bullet because dating a man this insecure is usually miserable. Bobby Janee, He probably left because he felt burnt out, because he missed his old life or because he felt the enormous pressure of spending every day with you starting to weigh on him. What's more interesting to me is what you did to begin the relationship, not to end it.

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